consulting services

I provide research, writing, and copyediting consulting to farm and food organizations. I bring 15 years experience working in agriculture policy, sustainable food, and related fields with a wide range of organizations, farmers, and networks. I specialize in presenting complicated issues in an accessible way and translating farmer concerns to mainstream audiences. I approach all projects with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a sense of humor — and I’d love to work with you!


Research: I’ll dig into your policy analysis, historical data, literature survey, or other research need, and compile and analyze the findings into an engaging report.

Editing: I can work with you at any stage of a project, from helping shape your ideas to addressing organizational issues in a manuscript to a final copyedit–and anything in between.

Need something else not quite described here? Contact me at [sienachrisman at gmail dot com] for rates and a free consultation.

Current and Previous Clients

National Family Farm Coalition: Ongoing communications support, including policy statements, press releases, issue briefs


Illinois Stewardship Alliance: Ghostwritten farmer op-eds in support of soil health policy, based on interviews with Scott Jones, Kathy Kaesebier, Dave Brown (2019)

Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network: Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network at 10 Years: Connection, Community, and Peer Problem-Solving for a Thriving Niche Meat Processing Sector (2018)

Farm Aid: Oral history of Oklahoma farmer advocate Mona Lee Brock (internal report, 2017)

RAFI-USA: Under Contract film Viewer’s Guide (2017)

Real Food Challenge: Survey and assessment of existing supply of sustainably-raised meat (internal report, 2016)

Real Food Generation: Summary of the scientific research on agroecology and regenerative agriculture (internal report, 2015)

Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative: Comprehensive report on the state policy and regulatory frameworks supporting industrial animal agriculture in eight states (internal report, 2015)

WhyHunger: A Path Forward: Innovations at the Intersection of Hunger and Health (2015)

Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy: Co-author, with Michele Simon, Enough to Eat: Food Assistance and the Farm Bill (2012)


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